London Short Story Prize

It finally happened! The Anthology Launch for The London Short Story Prize 2016 organised by Spread The Word took place in gorgeous St Paul’s Cathedral and it was such a surreal experience. Not only was it my first time reading my own work in front of people but it was also incredible to receive such amazing feedback from people there. This event (and being short listed) along with seeing my story in that official font has really spurred me on to keep writing realise that others might actually enjoy the absurd things in my mind that I sometimes write about.

If you’re interested in purchasing the anthology to read my story, alongside 5 other incredible tales, you can do so here.

Author: hannaali

Writer, Poet, PhD Candidate @SOAS | African Identity #Africanness #Blackness #Afrabia #AfroArab #IslamInAfrica #Identity and all things #Somali

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